Venture capital

axiomtec holding AG invites young entrepreneurs with promising concepts and innovative ideas to apply for funding. Our focus is on, but not limited to, patentable technologies with a broad consumer market or lucrative niche market potential. Our venture capital team will advise and accompany you on your way to success. We will need a business plan.

You are cordially invited to submit your business plan to us. We will treat it with the utmost of confidentiality, carefully review it, and discuss funding options with you. In most cases, we are also prepared to conclude non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

We are also interested in acquiring existing family-owned companies with succession problems. If you are in a pre-retirement situation without a realistic successor ship solution, axiomtec holding AG can be the partner who will acquire your business. Please contact us to arrange an initial face-to-face meeting. We guarantee absolute confidentiality.